A little bit about me


I’m Paige – yes that’s Paige spelt with an I – and I’m a girl in my twenties exploring life, the early stages of my career, fitness, healthy living, travel, and everything in between.

Ultimately, this space is dedicated to all of the above. I’m by no means an expect, nor do I try to be, but this space is all about sharing new learnings and ideas about travel, fitness, food and healthy living.

I can’t travel for the whole year because I’m not rich and I have a job. I’m not a fitness model. I’m not a chef. I can’t spend £200 a week on superfoods galore. I can’t eat whatever I want without dealing the consequences…. I’m me. I’m Paige – I’m a a girl in my 20s who works 9 to 5, works out after work, tries to get away from life a few times a year and wonders if one day I’ll genuinely mean it when I say ‘Yeah I really enjoy eating Kale’. I like to think I’m a pretty real human being, who is living life like most ‘normal’ people in their twenties.

Pretty sure there’s plenty others out there like me!