Hong Kong, you beauty

I’ve just returned from a work trip to Hong Kong. This city never fails to amaze me with it’s beauty. The tall skyscrapers, bustling markets, idyllic Star Ferry and some incredible restaurants to name a few… this place really is a MUST to visit. I had a few days off to, and explored the city.

For anyone going to visit Hong Kong for the first time, I’d say these would be my top 5 things to do:

  1. Victoria Peak – the view at the top, looking down on the city is just surreal. You really get a sense of how big the buildings are, and how much there is going on in Hong Kong!
  2. Star Ferry – probably the best commute to work ever! It’s also a fantastic way to see the famous skyline. A journey on the ferry is literally about 50p… well worth every penny.
  3. Ladies Market – be prepared to haggle, and take in the atmosphere. You can find everything from toys, bags (great fake ones!), clothing, souvenirs for an absolute bargain. Who doesn’t love a bargain right?!
  4. Enjoy dinner watching the famous light show – seeing Hong Kong lit up at night, really is something else. I was mesmerised gazing at the famous skyline all lit up and even caught the famous light show that starts about 8pm. Book yourself in at Hutong for a fantastic dinner, and even better view.
  5. Kowloon Park – I mean… who doesn’t want to see flamingos in Hong Kong?! Head to the park, to the lake in the centre, and you can’t miss them! I still wonder how they stand on one leg…..

I’ve shared just a few pics below. If you ever have to opportunity to go and visit Hong Kong, you must go! They even have Disneyland there… do you need any more persuasion?


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