Gym inspo ahead of Summer

So, we’ve all been there…. want to achieve that summer bod, but still enjoy far too much eating cheese, drinking wine, and just treating myself (all the time) at the weekends… because hey, why not!

If I’m going to be a Debbie Downer…realistically, all those ‘treats’ aren’t helping me. I’ve got my sister’s wedding in four weeks. I’ve just got back from a three work trip in China – so diet was totally out the window. I feel incredibly bloated and quite frankly, I need to do something about it.

In a nutshell, I needed some gymspiration. I needed an actual plan, written down for me, with all my workouts listed each day…. I like to think I’m fairly good in the gym, knowing what to do in the weights section etc, but we all need some guidance, and a plan! I came across Krissy Cela’s Instagram the other day, and instantly was like YAAAAAAS. I bought her plan this afternoon, and cannot wait to start it properly on Monday. It’s a combination of weight training, HIIT cardio, sculpting and toning workouts. You can check out her website/plans here. I’ll no doubt be keeping you all updated throughout the plan to share progress etc. You can see a sneak peek at the plan below…..



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